Stephen Oakley. Great characters. Luke Berliner. Good stories and mix matte painting. God of War. Vance Kovacs. Great characters and illustration. God of War. Jeff Simpson. Surreal and abstract characters. Tianhua Xu – all good! great composition, great brushwork, great color.  Jeff Simpson. Abstract characters, surreal. Gui Yuan – Amazing sketches and technique. Great brushwork. Pablo Carpio. Great stories and composition. Erikas Perl. Great stories and composition. Su Jian – Good sketches and brush control. Yi Liu – Sketchy painterly, very good brushwork. Paperblue – Sketchy and great technique. Lixin Yin – Good brushwork. Shin Jong Hun. Great color and sketches. Wadim Kashin – Sci-fi environments. Lok Du. Great architecture. Dongbiao Lu – Good technique and step by step. Fenghua Zhong – Master. Great composition, color and brushwork. Ruan Jia – Painterly and illustrative. Great color and style. Huang Guanjian – Good brushwork and style.  Zhihui Su- Amazing characters. Mauro Belfiore – Great drawings and sketches, great brushwork. Maxim Verehin – Dark characters, good brushwork. Ruxing Gao – Good environments and perspective use. Piotr Jablonski – Great imagination and style, good brushwork. Wenhun Lin. Great illustrative comic style, great color. Joon Ahn – Good light and color, illustrative style. Krenz Kushart – Illustrative. Waqas Malik – Photo dreamy. Victor Hugo Harmatiuk – sketchy painterly. See his youtube videos, good color techniques. M4 Miv4t – Illustration. Theo Prins – Painterly, abstract, good color. Seung Eun Kim – Good drawing. Incredible sketching. Aaron Griffin – Drawing painterly- abstract. G Liulian – Illustration. Chris Cold – Mysterious, painterly. Joaquim Ericsson – Imaginative. PaperBlue – Great drawing style. Hue Teo – Good drawings and illustrations Zhao Huanhua – Awesome. Reza Afshar – Illustrative. Great sketches.