On this website I am collecting some of the paintings and drawings I’ve left scattered around several other websites, external hard drives and gloomy storage rooms. Finally I decided to start this website in 2016 with the initial target to avoid loosing the work done and keeping it all in one place.

I think my addiction to painting using traditional media started around 1998. It’s been an irregular road with intense moments and nice surprises. Most of the time has been an struggle between the joy and pleasure of painting and how to integrate this into my other (more practical) life.

I’ve exposed in art galleries in Madrid in Claudio Coello street and enjoyed several years of excitement when I was getting paid more thanks to the paintings than with my engineering job at that time. Some time later I learned the hard way the reality of the art business and how difficult it is to enjoy painting and at the same time be your own patron in front of the galleries. Well, I took the right choice and continued enjoying the pleasure of painting and focused on my day to day job to support that pleasure.

Most of the painting from my past is traditional (oil painting mainly) and lately I have been experimenting with digital media.

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